Apple Spice Cake with Cinnamon Yogurt Icing

I am so honored to have been chosen as one of the many talented bloggers helping Andrew from Eating Rules celebrate Unprocessed October!  Head on over to Eating Rules to check out my newest creation: a 100% sugar-free, unprocessed, all-natural, absolutely delicious cake!

This cake is so moist and perfectly sweet, thanks to the coconut milk and honey used to sweeten it.  The whole-wheat flour gives it a perfect crumb, and the applesauce and chopped apples make it perfect for breakfast, a snack, or dessert!  Since I couldn’t use sugar in the cake or the frosting, it was a challenge to create the perfect icing for this cake.  I decided to use thick Greek yogurt as the base of the glaze, and I added cinnamon to complement the apple spice cake.  This cake is so yummy, it’s the only thing my 2 yr old wants for breakfast these days!

You can see my guest post over at Eating Rules here: Eating Rules!


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