This is the first of my “Sweet Thoughts” posts.  I’ve been wondering how to bring you my thoughts without involving a recipe every time. This is my solution: a place to read what I’m thinking, what’s really important to me, or to hear about anything else I’d like to talk about!  Welcome…

Summer is always a favorite time for me.  I love everything summer has to offer: the hot weather that reminds me of Puerto Rico, heading out the door without having to dress everyone in three or more layers, the feeling I get when I sit outside with JF on a summer’s night and listen to the stillness.  It’s also our favorite time because we get to BBQ whenever we want, which is pretty often, once or twice a week.  Growing things in our garden, and eating them, it’s just the best feeling!  You feel so great knowing that you’ve done something. Really done something.

The thing I love most about summertime is the sun.  The warm sun that shines and doesn’t let you forget that it’s there.  The sun makes everything so bright and beautiful.  Sometimes we take the sunlight for granted.  It’s such a small thing to be thankful for, but there it is.  Thank God for the sun!

I came across this passage the other day in my reading.  I thought it appropriate for the new season.  Have a blessed day!

“Improve every opportunity of placing yourself where you can receive the rays of light from Heaven” (Steps to Christ, pg. 96).

Photo: I took this during our trip to the Outerbanks last year.  The sunlight made me stop and think and thank God for all His blessings.

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  • Alexa 13 years ago Reply

    You are so right!!! I love the idea of posting your “sweet thoughts”- it help shows the wonderful person you are 😉

    lacasadesweets 13 years ago Reply

    Thanks, Alexa!! 🙂

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