Sometimes I’m overwhelmed.  At times, it feels like we’re just dealing with too much.  Financial problems, health issues (both resolved and unresolved), hurtful exchanges with people you thought knew better, and the general chaos of living in a world with way too many problems.  Do you feel like that sometimes?  Just. Plain. Overwhelmed.

When we sit down to reflect on our problems, what it usually boils down to is fear.  Fear of losing a job, fear of losing someone we love, fear that we won’t handle the situations life throws at us the way God wants us to.  But then I come across verses like this that remind me: God is in control.  We have nothing to fear.

peace 2

How awesome is that?  Though the earth be moved, though we lose our way, though we lose someone we love, our job, our house, our very life, we know that the Creator of every single thing that has ever been or will ever be is on our side.  Amidst all the worries, struggles, fears, and everyday chaos, we know where our hope comes from.

peace 3

And, then, in the stillness of our own little hiding place, we find something that helps us get through.  We find a small part of us that knows, deep down, that nothing can shake us.  Nothing can take away God’s awesome Love for us.  He made us, and He loves us, and that simple yet awe-inspiring truth is all we need.  And in that truth, we find something.

We find peace.

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  • Pam 10 years ago Reply

    Amen! Thank you so much for sharing inspiring words… Blessings of peace to you!

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