German Chocolate Brownie Sundaes (Gluten Free)

german choc sundaes_2

German chocolate, while no one is quite certain where the idea came from of combining chocolate with a creamy buttery coconut pecan sauce, we’re all in agreement: the flavor combo is just plain delicious.  In brownie form, it’s even better.

Take a chewy, rich brownie and top it with ice cream and a homemade german chocolate sauce topping, and you’ve got yourself German Chocolate Brownie Sundaes.  The recipe also happens to be gluten-free (yay!), but it’s for all of us, trust me.

For the recipe, head on over to The Roasted Root, where I’m guest posting about these brownies, and how OXO is making a difference, one brownie recipe at a time!

Original recipe by La Casa de Sweets

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