How To Host a Cookie Swap {for a cause}

Holiday cookie swaps are the best.  Getting together with your friends and family and eating cookies during the holidays: what could be more fun?  The best part is, you can plan a great cookie swap in just 5 easy steps!

Here’s how:

  • Choose a date and place.  The great thing about hosting a cookie swap is you can do it anywhere!  Swap cookies at a family dinner, invite your friends over on a Saturday night, have your family friends come over on a Sunday afternoon, or host a cookie swap at work, church or school. Since you only need cookies and people, it’s easy to set up a swap just about anywhere.
  • Invite your friends, family, co-workers, church members, neighbors, fellow students, etc to your swap.  Everyone loves cookies, so it won’t be hard to find people to come join your swap!
    • There are a few evite invitations specifically for cookie swaps.  Cute!
    • Make sure to tell everyone you invite to bring cookies.  Cookies can be homemade or store-bought.  You can decide on the number of cookies, but every guest should bring at least 1 dozen cookies to the party.
  • Get your cookies ready!  Bake (or buy) your cookies for the day of your party.  For the party itself, make sure you have:
    • Plates and napkins to serve the cookies.
    • Drinks for your guests.  Milk, hot chocolate and cider are popular for cookie-eating!
    • Labels or display cards for guests to label their cookies.
    • Optional: cookie boxes or bags for guests to take cookies home after the party.
  • At the party, organize and label the different cookies on a table, then tell everyone to start eating cookies!
  • Have fun!  Remember, cookie swaps are meant to be a time for people to get together and have fun while eating cookies!

This holiday season, you can have even more fun with your cookie swap by raising money for Cookies for Kids Cancer with every single cookie you swap.  All you have to do is contact me with the total number of cookies from your party, and GLAD will donate $1 for every single cookie!

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