Bake Sale Recap!


Some of the treats at my fundraiser dessert party!

Bake Sale Recap

During the month of April, I partnered with a special group of people: bakers. Not only bakers, but bakers willing to help make a difference for Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale.  Together, we held bake sales, sold baked goods to churches, schools, businesses, and anyone else who was willing to buy yummy treats and donate to our fundraiser.  We also organized an online fundraiser so people from all over the country could donate to the cause as well.

In one month, we raised close to $1,600!  (<–I still can’t believe it!!)

Thank You

I could not have done this without my awesome fundraiser partners.  They have no idea how proud I felt working with each one of them, and knowing they were as committed as I am to Share Our Strength kept me smiling during a long, flour-filled month!  So I’m giving a huge shout-out to:

Alexa, who single-handedly organized, baked, and sold cookies at her school. She did this in between exams, sports, homework, and the general busyness of being a teenager.  All this from a student.  I’m in awe.

The Cupcake Crusaders, my favorite group of cupcake reviewers, who organized a bake sale at their church and helped raise money online.  Not only did they raise money, but, just as important, they tirelessly used their blog and social media to raise awareness about childhood hunger.  They are awesome.

Kupcakes & Co., the best bakery in town (that’s not just my opinion), which donated proceeds from every bag of chocolate chip and sweet and salty cookies they sold in April.  Michelle, the owner, is simply amazing.  Her heart is so big she is constantly using her business to make a difference, and I am so proud to call her my friend.

Lauren, who provided a sweet incentive for one of our donors, a dozen blondies!  Thanks, Keep It Sweet!

Scharffen-Berger: A huge thank you goes to SB for rewarding one of our lucky bake sale team members with a gift basket packed with chocolate goodness. Is there any better prize for a baker?!

You: Thank you to everyone who bought our treats, donated money, helped spread the word, and encouraged us along the way.  You made a difference.

Now, back to the baking!


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